At SANDRA BAYLY Beauty Essentials, our well being therapists are here to help you recover from a stressful week. Evaluate and maintain. Re-discover yourself. “We spend time with you. We don’t rush you.” You and your body are important. So give it time out.

We provide the latest Beauty Essential Treaments at affordable prices. Try our extensive range today! (read more)

About Us

"I have been a therapist for over eight years and have built my business up slowly using products I trust and giving tried and tested treatments that I love. From waxing to massage and facials I give my dedication."

"I am now offering new treatments which I feel are a way forward in the beauty industry. CACI – helping to hold back the years; improving muscle tone and stimulating the skin to renew itself. Taking away the need for injectables, making it completely safe. "- Sandra Bayly (MSc BT)

Our Treatments
Body Treatments
Total Harmony, Mineral Salt Scrubs.
Lava Shell Massages
Full body, back, neck, shoulder or Indian head massages. Lava Shell, Lava Rescue massages.
Facial Treatments
Choose from my range arrange of facials using Dermalogica products, Microzone, Eye
Manicures and Pedicures
GELeration. Hand exfoliation, nail shaping, hand massage and polish. Gel nail polish
Hair Removal by Waxing
For Women Only
Regular Reflexology
Great deals!
CACI Skin and Eye Treaments
Anti-aging facials. CACI Ultra, CACI Eye REVIVE, Non surgical facial toning and skin rejuvenation. Soothes puffy eyes. Reduces dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and lifts hooded eyes. (more info)